To start a Youtube channel is quite simple, but when will I start seeing my first earnings

More and more young people are starting an activity as Youtubers, encouraged perhaps by good ideas, interesting projects, as well as just the desire to show off: motives may vary, but the final objective is always the same, make money!

Incomes are also mostly important for those who decided to do it seriously by setting up a company that, as you probably know, is an expensive move; it’s therefore important to carefully consider ideas, timelines and tools available because the path can be long and hard, so it will be up to you to get yourself ready.

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So, when will I see the first earnings?

Well this is a tricky question, especially for those who are investing and are looking for an economic return at all costs, so let’s clarify this. Let me start by saying that this is a gradual process: don’t expect anything immediately; otherwise you’ll just start with the wrong foot.

Start working on a specific format, and don’t make the mistake many make and copy others: remember that being original brings results: after all, YouTube is definitely not an improvised platform and as time goes by it will analyze your videos , your audience and carefully evaluate whether your business meets its basic requirements.

Amongst these requirements, originality plays a fundamental role: you’ll start with the right foot and look interesting both in the eyes of YouTube and those of many viewers, many of whom may start following you and supporting your channel.

At this stage you’ll need to enable monetization: in fact, YouTube does not set this feature by default and you’ll have to activate it yourself, otherwise your videos will not monetize. It’s an easy step which won’t drive you crazy and after that almost everything is automatic, and after you uploaded a new video you’ll always have the opportunity to activate monetization, which is how you’ll finally start earning money if they’re suitable.

What do I need to have in order to monetize with YouTube?

It’s not enough to just activate it: to be able to collect and analyze everything in the best possible way we recommend using Adsense very carefully.

What does it mean?

Simply you’ll have to associate your YouTube account with an Adsense account, which obviously belongs to you, so you can start receiving payments and configure its settings in the best possible way, by setting the preferred payment method for instance. We recommend using the classic bank transfer method, but also remember to enter your address correctly so that everything will be much clearer: this is an operation you’ll only need to do once, as everything will be saved afterwards.

How do payments work?

This too is really intuitive: the system was designed to make simplicity one of its main features; payments are instant and automatic, which means you’ll receive exactly what you expect at the beginning of each month, so if you receive a payment at the beginning December, it will be for the month of November; there are minimum thresholds, so try to carefully study your account and offer more and more interesting videos, so you can generate traffic and attract advertisements that will help you monetize quickly.

Many people haven’t really understood how YouTube works, yet it’s enough to think about it for a moment and everything will look much simpler; this platform pays based on performances so, as mentioned above, your first goal must be to generate traffic by offering valuable content, so you won’t just be eligible for the right affiliations, but you’ll be able to trigger a wonderful process in which interactions will be constant and will really make a difference.Everything is up to you: you can turn a good idea into reality, involve other people, grow an audience which will follow you every step and support you, but at the same time you will be able to earn thanks to your performance and advertising that YouTube will show in your channel, isn’t it magnificent? Monetizing with YouTube is definitely not simple, but like with any other activity, your commitment will be crucial: with great value videos you can earn great sums and find an engaged audience!

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