Sending a Newsletter to Your Subscribers

In order to keep your subscribers on YouTube coming back time and time again to watch your videos, it is pretty important to give your subscribers a little bit of information about your life and what you do daily. This forms a personal connection between you and your many subscribers on YouTube, which in turn brings the subscribers back to watch your new videos every time you put a new video out.

The type of videos that you make does not matter in this equation, as gaming channels, vlogging channels, entertainment, comedy, pets, sports and any other type of channels need to have a personal connection with their subscribers in order to continue receiving views and positive comments. If you have purchased our Youtube subscribers then you can obtain the best value by sending them a regular newsletter.


How to Send a Newsletter

A fairly new feature was added to YouTube that allows you to send a bulletin to all of your subscribers. In order to use this feature, locate the feature called “Channel Bulletins” and figure out exactly what you want to post. A bulletin (or newsletter for all of your wonderful subscribers) functions as an update on your videos or daily life that can be sent to all of your YouTube subscribers. Sending a bulletin is easy and allows your subscribers to know what you are up to, and when the next video will come out. A bulletin will go directly to each one of your subscribers in various different places around YouTube.

  • Your bulletin (newsletter) will be seen by your subscribers on their homepage under recent activities.
  • Your bulletin (newsletter) will be seen by your subscribers in an email if they chose to allow other YouTubers to send email to them. In this case, the email would contain your bulletin and could be opened at any time by the subscriber that it reached.
  • Your bulletin (newsletter) will be seen by your subscribers in the module that shows the recent activities on your main Channel when the subscribers visit your channel. This bulletin will be seen by anyone who visits your channel looking for videos and clicking the recent activity module. This is the place where your latest videos, the likes of other videos, and newsletter show up on your Channel.

Sending a bulletin (or newsletter) is a great way to keep in contact with your subscribers and keep them interested in your upcoming videos. Send a newsletter to your subscribers today in order to bring them back to your Channel!

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