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The Youtube watch time is the amount of minutes people have watched your video. Please read carefully these notes before you order:

  • The length of the video must be at least 60 minutes
  • Speed: several hundred hours of watch time a day
  • Start Time: within a few hours, but 48 hours to update
  • The video must be embeddable and without restrictions
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As defined by YouTube, Watch Time is “the amount of time that a viewer has watched a video. This gives you a sense of what content viewers actually watch (as opposed to videos that they click on and then abandon)”.

In other words, we can say that this metric indicates permanence, the total amount of time a user spends before closing a video.

Usually, this can happen at different times, for example, in the case of very long videos, a viewer could watch the first half of a movie at night and the second half the next day.

Our service ensures a constant stream of viewers who will continuously watch even the longest videos. Buy Youtube watch time now to achieve your goals. The minimum video duration to take advantage of this service is one hour.

If the video is longer, no problem. Finally, your videos will have all the retention time they deserve. Also, since 2018, having 4000 hours of watch time (and at least 1000 subscribers) is a requirement to be able to monetize your channel.

Keep in mind that according to their rules, all these 4000 hours need to be achieved in just 12 consecutive months. How about a little help? Try our fast service today!

A TOP ranking signal

Clearly, Watch Time for Youtube is a very important factor in its algorithm, because it expresses a fairly reliable estimate of engagement.

If a user watches a video for a long time, this should mean that the result that YouTube provides to their search is relevant and useful.

Therefore, since we are talking about a qualitative measure inherent to the goodness of the content, it goes without saying that in addition to buying this service it is necessary to work a lot on the content and its presentation.

Today, a large number of visits is no longer enough. So, what are you waiting for? Buy the number of hours you need and take your YouTube channel to the next level!

How to check Youtube watch time

The procedure to check how much viewing time your channel has accumulated so far is quite simple, just follow these steps:

  • Open the page Youtube Studio  (Start session)
  • Click on your channel’s Analytics in the left column
  • Select “Watch time (hours)”, the second gray tab

watch time youtube analytics

What is the difference if I buy Youtube watch time or simple views?

This doubt can arise because even buying hours you get views, just like buying views you will get hours.

What technically differentiates these two services is the so-called “retention time”, ie the amount of minutes that each individual viewer dedicates to watching a video.

In the case of the “Viewing Time” service the retention is very high, each visitor will watch the video for several tens of minutes, so that a few thousand views will correspond to several hundreds or thousands of total viewing hours.

In fact, the goal of those who buy this service is to accumulate a number of hours sufficient to pass the 4000 hours threshold imposed by Youtube, necessary to start monetizing their channel.

On the other hand, with regard to the “Youtube Views” service, whether they are fast, gradual, geographical etc. each of those views has a retention time of a few minutes. Prolonged views, which are the ones with the best retention, hardly go beyond 5 minutes of viewing for each.

The purpose of those who buy this service is to increase the popularity of one or more videos through the effect of social proof (those who see large numbers under the video pay more attention and longer) and through the improvement of their position in Youtube search results.

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

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