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This service can help your YouTube video enter the Trending page, where are listed the most popular videos:

  • 100,000 Geo Targeted Views ADS
  • 1,000 Subscribers
  • 2,000 favorites


$ 1,450

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Getting your videos to trend on YouTube is entirely different from buying views per 1000. It is more powerful in a way because of its exclusive nature, and it can only be gotten from us. No one does it better.

What is YouTube Trending?

In December 2010, YouTube introduced a page that gives users a way of knowing the videos that are going viral by generating feeds algorithmically.

This form of ranking is a country related ranking system going by the popularity of the videos. Videos that become popular by being published on the web’s most visited websites and viewed off the websites by a large number of users and also users who are registered and logged – on to are what we referred to as trending videos.

Interestingly, posting trending videos can serve as a lead on to interviews by journalists and major labels. You can also get brand endorsements with many other lucrative opportunities.

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What can you expect from this service?

We do not sell a placement in the trends because we are not Youtube (and neither does Youtube!) But we provide you with the most suitable and effective package of social signals with a good chance of accessing trends. It is calibrated for medium-competition countries, in some cases it may be necessary to integrate with a larger campaign. Obviously the factors involved for a video to become popular are many, not least its quality, but this package can really help you:

Put the following information into consideration before placing your order

The India market is a hugely competitive one this is why we will need 200,000 per day to make it to the Top 5 trending list

The best we have had so far is the Australian market as it is right for trending. Our clients had remained in the Top 10 trending list for over two weeks after we concluded our job. A video gets to trend for some hours until a maximum of 15 consecutive days. However, clients vary from clients and the content is different one from another, notwithstanding, it can be done.

Please follow these requirements:

– The trending is always specific to just one country.

– Your video must have a broad appeal and in the same time something new.

– Your video has to be to the Youtube Guidelines and Terms of Service fully compliant.

– Clickbaity and sensational titles are no admitted

– Please contact us and order this package at least 5 days before to publish the video.

Be first in Youtube trends

Contact our experts to start your campaign

Take note; this is not the same as when you buy per 1000 views. It will not bring the same result as this campaign. We do not base this campaign on views only.

You cannot afford to miss this as there are more benefits attached as mentioned, the engagement and organic growth can’t be valued. It is priceless.

It is a guarantee that your video will receive the assured number of views and of all the other social signals. One unpredictable aspect is a number of organic views your video will receive since we cannot see the future. The factors at play for this are too many to take a gamble on. Factors like the content of your video, your targeted audience, the country, to mention but a few.

Also of importance in the total trending time and timelines outside of what we guaranteed as we cannot predict this too.  However, you will receive 100% of the views you paid for, that is our word. If you get anything over and above what we guarantee, then see it as a bonus.


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