How to Manipulate the YouTube Description for Better Rankings

Many people may not realize that YouTube description box has such an important role in making your channel stand out from others. They usually will skip the step as they assume that it will only waste their time. YouTube description box is actually very useful for those who want their channels and videos be promoted.

If you use description box correctly, it can be your marketing strategy because it will help YouTube to put your videos in related videos and also in certain rank search. For this reason, in this article we will discuss more about how to modify the YouTube description for ranking improvement so that your videos and channels can be successfully reaching your target audience.

youtube video description

Youtube description box contains some sections that can be filled with detailed information of videos that has been uploaded there, such as titles, tags, captions, etc. there is also html-ready box that provides links which can be opened directly. Those links will then appear in search engine results. With this, we can help you optimizing your videos and channels by connecting them to your viewers. The viewers then can easily find your other sources like website, offers and etc.

For a better understanding about how to change the YouTube description to raise the rank, we will tell you about the basic information of the Youtube description box. The text found in the description box will be arranged by search engines. After that, the search engines will use it to rank your videos. That is why YouTube description box is important. A well planned video description usually will include certain keywords.

The first thing we can do to make your videos and channels rank on the search engines is to carefully write the first 5 lines of your video’s description. This is because the first 2 lines of the description will be shown in Youtube search results and also in social media. The first 5 lines will also be showed up below your video above the “read more” tab. Thus, we will use this chance to promote your offers by attaching your links there and also providing LSI keywords in order to make it more effective. Next, we will put links of your website and other personal accounts to help the viewers find it easier to reach you in certain condition. There are only 5000 characters that can be contained by the description box. We should be careful and smart in choosing the words and phrases that may be interesting and useful for both the owner of the videos and also the viewers. 100-200 words maybe added after the first 5 lines in the description box. It will make Google recognize your description as a related and important content.

Creating profiles in Tube buddy can also be helpful. It helps your videos be specified and also enable the owner of the videos to set different defaults for different profiles. In addition, creating templates in upload defaults can also be done. It will help saving your time in filling some information of a new video because this feature will make the description box filled automatically with the previous information submitted. It will save more time and also add efficiency to the ranking process.

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