What is the Importance of Likes and Dislikes on Youtube

There are many options that a company can use to make its online marketing campaign popular. One of the most popular ways of improving the market potential of a campaign is to develop a video based promotional strategy. Many companies use YouTube to market their products.

YouTube provides a good avenue for new businesses to increase their consumer awareness regarding their products. If you are using YouTube to promote your product, then there are some factors that can influence your success. YouTube views, comments and likes are few of the factors that consumers consider when deciding on the brands that they want to know more about. What is the importance of likes and dislikes on a video is clear: it helps consumers in getting more information on the general perception regarding the company’s brand. To encourage more users in investing in making high quality content, we present some of the advantages of getting more YouTube likes.

What is the Importance of Likes and Dislikes

Improve advertising potential of your products

Companies can use YouTube as a cost effective tool to increase the profitability of their business venture. YouTube likes help companies in advertising their products so that they can get higher promotional return. If you are able to create good content then there is a greater opportunity for your product video to be ranked higher than other videos. Through YouTube channels you can earn by embedding other promotional offers in your brand’s video. Companies can use Google Adwords and Adsense to make additional returns on their promotional videos. Dislikes can have a negative impact on the advertising potential of your products. This is because consumers may not be interested in viewing if the video has too many dislikes.

Provide service to the target audience

YouTube helps companies in focusing on providing product information to the target audience. Companies can find the target audience through consumer data analysis. If the company has information on the elements in the video that consumers appreciate through increased YouTube likes, then they can make a good marketing strategy. YouTube likes help consumers in knowing that the content is high quality and reliable. In this way more consumers are likely to view the video. Companies can easily find the demographic that is most interested in the content. If there are too many YouTube dislikes then it can indicate that the marketing approach has not been properly analysed by the company.

Increases sales revenue

Video marketing can present companies with a vast array of options that they can use to increase the brand’s appeal. In YouTube videos consumers can judge the validity of the video through the likes that it has. This means that consumers buy products whose features they are sure about. YouTube likes help consumers in relating to the brand message so that they visit the company’s online store to place an order. If initially, a video has too many dislikes then consumers might get discouraged to check out the full offer. In this way, the companies are unable to achieve the targeted sales revenue.

Loyal customers

Due to the competitive market environment, it can be difficult to find loyal customers. Usually, companies need to have a highly funded marketing campaign if they want to retain customers for a long while. Uploading a YouTube video can be a cheap way of getting repeat purchases. To make your YouTube video more effective, it is important to get higher likes so that consumers know that your marketing efforts have been providing adequate results. Consumers that find that the company’s YouTube video has been getting too many dislikes are likely to switch to the competitor’s product.

Higher search rankings

There are many ranking signals that Google considers before determining the page rank of the company’s website. If the company posts a video to YouTube that has become popular and has many likes then this can have an impact on the search ranking of the video. Another aspect is that if through that video traffic was directed to the company’s website, then your online store can get a good page rank.

The likes and dislikes bar in YouTube videos can be a factor that consumers take into account when choosing the video that they may want to view. This is the reason many companies initially buy YouTube likes so that they can increase their consumer ratings. Buying YouTube likes can give your company a competitive advantage over other businesses. It also helps in increasing customer engagement so that you can retain more consumers who are interested in viewing the YouTube video.

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