How much time is needed to deliver YouTube views?

Here on we offer different packages. Some packages take time to show effect due to the different mechanism that is used for increasing the YouTube views. YouTube uses a similar criterion to Google’s page rank to increase the ranking of the content. This means that videos that have been viewed more are likely to get a higher page rank on YouTube if searched.

There are search engine optimisation strategies that can be used to increase the search ranking of your YouTube video. However, these SEO strategies take up a lot of time to show effect. To combat this problem, many users buy YouTube views so that their video ranks higher fastly. It is important to buy YouTube views from a reputable company as ours so that your video has legitimate views that can improve its promotional appeal.


The time that it takes to increase the YouTube view count depends on type of views that you want. If a large package is taken, then the views are going to increase in a shorter span of time. These views are mostly fit for videos that have been uploaded since a long time. Users mostly use fast views or “Real YouTube Views” to add a bit to the present view count. These are our regular views, the most selled. Their daily delivery rate is approximately of 10.000 (10k) views. This helps to increase the search ranking of that particular video.

The packages can provide different rates of YouTube likes you can buy. The YouTube views you purchase depends on the targets that you have set. There are certain promotional offers that are added in videos with a specific view count. Mostly, the profitable promotions are added for videos with higher number of views. Users can buy the views that fit their budget and the marketing strategy that they may want to follow.

Some of the consumers can be interested in getting slow YouTube views. They are also called “Drip Feed Views” and slowly increase the YouTube view count so that there a sustainable improvement in the page rank. When these views are bought, then the YouTube views are not added at the same time, but at the speed rate of approximately 150 views/day.

These views are added to the view count strategically so that YouTube can rank your video higher than other videos. Many individuals and business are getting a benefit from using this approach. The company can decide on a strategy and increase views in a small amount daily so that organic growth of the YouTube video can be achieved. By using slow YouTube views, you can increase your video’s popularity but it is likely to take time for the views to accumulate and have a positive impact on page rank.

There are some YouTube views that have a different purpose than normal views that are included in the view count. “High Retention Views” are calculated by accumulating views that are for the entire (almost) video lenght. Their delivery speed is similar to the rate of “Real Youtube Views”, lightly slower, in other words approximately 8.000 views/day. With high retention views, your video is likely to be ranked highly by Google and other search engines. This is a good way of competing with other videos that have view counts in millions. However, these views are planned a bit in advance and take some time to show positive results. The delivery rate of the “Targeted Youtube Views” or geo targeted views differs a lot from country to country so the average isn’t greatly useful. The slowest views from remote countries with few people are comparable with “Drip Feed Views” (approx 150 views/day). On the other side the fastest views from big popular country like US are similar to “High Retention Views” (up to 8.000 views/day). Getting YouTube views is not the only factor that you need to consider when marketing your video. Never be in a hurry! The quality and content of the video is an important factor that users consider when viewing a video.

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