YouTube Strategies for Politicians

The online marketing age has never been stronger in any capacity. Where you used to have to spend thousands just to catch traffic with a billboard today you can spend nothing and reach millions on YouTube. All it takes is the right message, the right vibes and –shockingly – a bit of honesty and integrity in what you are saying.

If you show these basic traits to anybody who is looking for political inspiration today and they will be more inclined to believe you.

This article is not supposed to insult politicians, it’s supposed to help them be more successful. This is when I say that most people do not trust politicians in the modern world it’s not meant to offend or to make you feel like your job is impossible it’s to make you realize that honesty must be the key part of your marketing push.

When it comes to YouTube videos, it’s very important to use the power of honesty as well as the power of politics which is online at the moment. People are using YouTube to watch conspiracy theories and videos showing the other side of the news that people don’t get to see themselves, so it’s a very highly charged environment. Therefore, for politicians you need to make sure you have the following;

youtube marketing for politicians


You simply can’t expect to go online and not take abuse from somebody. Anonymity creates a weird shell for some and makes then believe they can insult and argue with people when they would never do so in real life. Therefore you need to make sure you have the patience and the maturity, the integrity, not to bark back when you are abused online. Ignore these people and concentrate on the co-operative people.


Your page needs to have lots of new changes to it. New videos, new subscriptions, new links to videos, new everything. Keep your people updated. For politicians this is a great way to let your followers and supporters know what you are doing every single day to change the environment around you. Just make sure that you don’t hoist yourself with your own petard by making false promises and statements that result in you getting into significant trouble.


Too many politicians concentrate on making petty calls against the opposition and trying to point score when in reality if they spent half that time talking to their constituents and their followers and made a conscious effort to be optimistic and upbeat about any potential upcoming event or anything at all, this positivity can spread virally and make you seem like a far more certain bet to do well in the upcoming events.

You might think these are obvious solutions but many people fail to actually put them into practice when it really matters. Make sure that when you get the opportunity to make a success of something that you do just that – procrastination will cost you in the end! As well as not being active enough and falling out of consciousness, you need to stay optimistic for those around you to give your followers hope for the future.

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