Grow in Popularity on Youtube: Our Vision

Our vision as a company is this: YOU make a difference, always. In life as in video marketing. There are no tricks, or shortcuts that actually work.

The latest Google / Youtube update is almost more philosophical than technical, and the concept that drives it is almost ecological: in an internet full of garbage no one wins.

And an intimately linked corollary: the A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) can EVENTUALLY help create content but never replace the originality of the human creator.

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In other words, no one wants to take the risk of reading an article that in the middle of it realizes that it was written by a bot.

In an attempt to sell us something we don’t need. Furthermore, in the last months, there is a superfetation of I.A. online scripts for creating images.

Interesting from the point of view of technical performance but, I’ll be brutal, nothing that interests me from an artistic point of view. In fact, I hope nothing like this happens in the world of video.

Automations are welcome if they leave time for creators to think about new scenarios … they don’t replace them. Personally, I unconditionally support every video production that I consider qualitatively valid, at my sole discretion.

I will give you advice by email for videos that are not too commercial or in any case for projects with high originality and creativity. “And what are you doing to make the Internet a better place?” You might ask me.

The answer is simple, I select as a broker the best services as effectiveness, but also as ethics: no bot (as much as possible) but real interactions.

As I said initially no tricks actually work. Only real social signals (like our views) can produce results. And last but not least, don’t forget about the quality of your video! We’ll be happy to cooperate with those who love the art. A big hug.

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