YouTube Creator Awards: How to get the Silver, Gold and Diamond Button

YouTube is a platform based on merit, which rewards content creators that proved their commitment in keeping it alive. For this reason, since 2012 the most popular social network for videos has introduced the Creator Awards, a prestigious prize that rewards the commitment and quality of YouTube channels.
In addition to cash remuneration for views and subscribers and channel activities, YouTube has introduced, for Italian companies too, the ability to get the Silver, the Golden and the Diamond Button.

On the occasion of the 2012 edition of VidCon, YouTube introduced its prize system, starting with the Golden Button. This is a gold-plated plaque, ready to be hanged on a wall, which shows the channelís name and congratulations to the creator for reaching one million YouTube subscribers. During 2012’s VidCon, YouTube handed the prestigious license plates by hand, switching to a more convenient shipping system, as requested from those who own the channel.

golden button

The Creator Awards offered by YouTube value the commitment and quality showcased by the most interesting channels, and is divided into:

  • Silver Button Creator (Silver Button), a silver plate that rewards channels and creators that achieve 100,000 subscribers.
  • Golden Button Creator (Golden Button), a gold plate that rewards channels and content creators that achieve one million members.
  • Diamond Button Creator (Diamond Button), which rewards channels and content creators that reach 10 million subscribers. This is the most prestigious prize available now, and the channel that receives it is among the best on YouTube: the plate is made of diamond.

Since the introduction of the Silver Button, back in 2013, the way prizes are given have changed slightly: in addition to considering the number of channel subscribers, YouTube now also evaluates the number of views and the average viewing time for each video. Channels have the right to claim their license plate once they exceed the subscriberís threshold for each prize.

To get your prize the procedure is simple. Once you reach the number of subscribers needed for your goal, your Creator dashboard will have access to the unique code notification that will allow you to order the prize: normally, this notification will be visible from the first month after you reached the number of subscribers needed to access the prizes.

Alternatively, you can send an email to YouTube support from the Help page and ask the Creator Support Team whether your channel may be eligible for the prize you look for. If the channel is qualified, the support team will respond to your email with the unique premium code included in the page, together with delivery information (name, surname, address). Youíll then be provided with a tracking code to follow your shipment and, after a few months, the Creator Award will be delivered to your home. Standard time required for processing the request and shipping the prize ranges between 8 and 12 weeks, as reported by YouTube.
Warning: If YouTube suspects that there are illegal activities involving the number of your subscribers, you may not qualify for the prize and be disqualified accordingly. In particular, using automatic bots to increase the number of inactive members and viewers are two of the most common reasons for being disqualified.

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