Is buying Youtube views a safe or a risky practice?

I have been working in the advertising communication sector for 15 years, 10 of which I spent dealing with video marketing, in particular with visibility on Youtube.

And for 10 years, at least one user out of four regularly asked me if it is safe to buy Youtube views. Lately, requests for reassurance mainly concern the purchase of watch hours for Youtube. Almost no one asks if they will have any problems buying views for live streams. Probably they are seen as something temporary and therefore less dangerous.

Finally here is the truth, my personal truth on this topic, the result of ten years of experience as a manager of this website: I have NEVER seen a single video removed, nor a single channel closed for purchasing social signals from us, whether they were views, likes, subscribers, comments or other.

a Youtube logo with a safety helmet above

I have studied for a long time the functioning of the Youtube algorithm, and I have written about it extensively in another article. It consists of at least two parts: an anti-spam algorithm and an algorithm for giving videos the rank they deserve.

Our views, being real, easily bypass the first type, and for the same reason are rewarded by the second type. But let’s see in detail the origin of our traffic for Youtube.

What does it mean that our views are real?

We openly state that our views (unlike those of many other competitors) are real.

And I can repeat it again, it works like this: real people, like me and like you, want to see exclusive, confidential, non-public content. For example, some recent gossip photos or a movie just released at the cinema.

They know that usually it is difficult to access this kind of content, so they are willing to do something. The effort they make is to watch a Youtube video for at least 5 seconds or more and eventually interact with it through likes, comments, subscriptions, etc.

That Youtube video could be yours or that of another of our clients. This technique is called: Content Unlocking. It involves offering exclusive content or features to users who complete a certain action, such as watching a video, completing a survey, or sharing the content with their followers. Based on the service purchased, we choose whether to make your Youtube video appear close to geographically targeted content, on a topic relevant to your (better engagement) and other specific characteristics.

This is not the only method that is used. Sometimes we used a script to send invitations to potential viewers. Other times, as in the case of “Youtube Video Campaigns”, we use the tool that Youtube / Google makes available to us for the promotion, that is the Google Ads campaign.

All these cases as you can well understand are totally legitimate and offer almost 100% security.

So my Youtube videos will get a safe promotion?

Absolutely yes, as you have just read, both your Youtube videos and your channel through our services will enjoy natural growth.

In all these years I have never seen a single ban that depended directly on us. The cancellation of a video, or worse, the closure of the whole channel, are almost an urban legend. Because if I have such dangerous views I could use them to eliminate competing Youtubers! 😉 Youtube uses these drastic countermeasures only for serious infringements such as those against copyright or incitement to violence

Can I buy your services and mix them with others?

Definitely NO! As I wrote, in all these years I have never seen bans that depended directly on us BUT, what you need to pay attention to is not to mix our services with those of other providers.

In that case, our security guarantee is no longer valid and unpleasant accidents may occur, it is a behavior that could trigger an alert and attract the attention of Youtube.

In the worst scenario, you may lose a large percentage or all of the views, likes, subscribers, comments, etc. that you have purchased. We are not responsible for this type of inconvenience. Either you rely on us or you use other suppliers, but not both at the same time, clear? Happy shopping!

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