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How to change the thumbnail on a YouTube video

The only way for you to get to the top of YouTube right away is by having your own videos made so that you can get your links to YouTube clicked on in no time. So how to change thumbnail on youtube to ensure you have the maximum number of views to your videos?


Your digital marketing strategy can’t be without YouTube

Although Facebook is still the best platform for digital marketing strategies, YouTube is a fundamental tool to strengthen your social oriented strategy. YouTube suffers because people think of it as a big platform for video and entertainment: however thanks to its latest updates, it has increased interaction and has now become an invaluable element in digital marketing strategies to advertise services and products.


10 Youtube features that you didn't know about!

Youtube is a unique platform, used by an increasingly large number of people from all over the world. However, habits and lack of time or will keep us from understanding all of its features.

In this article we are going to give you a quick overview on 10 features that you could hardly notice from the first use!


YouTube officiates the End Screen: the new interactive end cards

With over one billion users active every month around the world, YouTube has a visitor collection of nearly one-third of all people who live in the internet world.  It's no coincidence that in Italy, YouTube accounts for up to 27 million active users a month, a surprising number considering that Facebook, the most visited and appreciated social network, can only boast 30 million in total. Italian users love YouTube and attend the platform actively every day.


The Youtube algorithm that catches kids, how does it all work?

Today's kids don't know any limit. Some of them, though, are causing concern due to the frequent vision of content coming from Youtube. At this point, it would be wise to ask ourselves how a platform of this kind is able to conquer even the younger audience.

The videos have them glued to the screen, according to the parents. It seems that Youtube studied the perfect strategy make everyone fall in love; there are some videos, especially undeniably successful cartoons in the utube Kids section, that are able to make a real difference.


YouTube Creator Awards: How to get the Silver, Gold and Diamond Button

YouTube is a platform based on merit, which rewards content creators that proved their commitment in keeping it alive. For this reason, since 2012 the most popular social network for videos has introduced the Creator Awards, a prestigious prize that rewards the commitment and quality of YouTube channels.
In addition to cash remuneration for views and subscribers and channel activities, YouTube has introduced, for Italian companies too, the ability to get the Silver, the Golden and the Diamond Button.


How to create and add the Trailer of a YouTube channel

If you are, or you want to become, a Youtuber, you need to know that making a video and posting it won't be enough to be successful; the viewers are not robots, they often start to follow someone because of a certain detail they found in his works that gave them certain emotions.


Youtube Today: Search Engine, Mobile, Social

Google’s decision to buy YouTube in 2006 for $1.65 billion was clearly a smart move for the search engine’s ruler. The platform’s exponential growth has been worldwide, and to date YouTube is the second largest search engine, after Google. This information should help understand how Youtube can become an essential tool for companies and start-ups looking to reach an always wider audience.