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Buy Youtube Views

Buy Youtube Views that really work

Making your YouTube videos trend

Getting your videos to trend on YouTube is entirely different from buying views per 1000. It is more powerful in a way because of its exclusive nature, and it can only be gotten from us. No one does it better. 

YouTube Trending?

In December 2010, YouTube introduced a page that gives users a way of knowing the videos that are going viral by generating feeds algorithmically.

This form of ranking is a country related ranking system going by the popularity of the videos. Videos that become popular by being published on the web’s most visited websites and viewed off the websites by a large number of users and also users who are registered and logged – on to YouTube.com are what we referred to as trending videos.

Interestingly, posting trending videos can serve as a lead on to interviews by journalists and major labels. You can also get brand endorsements with many other lucrative opportunities. 

buy youtube trending


Put the following information into consideration before placing your order

The India market is a hugely competitive one this is why we will need 200,000 per day to make it to the Top 5 trending list

The best we have had so far is the Australian market as it is right for trending. Our clients had remained in the Top 10 trending list for over two weeks after we concluded our job. However, clients vary from clients and the content is different one from another, notwithstanding, it can be done.

Your videos must be free from other form or marketing or views on them. This includes but not limited to Facebook sharing, etc. with no exception to anyone.

If you fail to keep to the instructions, its automatic cancellation, and forfeiture of all waivered guarantees.

We don’t mix videos with any other service while trending so that it would not negatively affect the result.

A video gets to trend for a maximum of ten consecutive days.

24 Hours Trending Price List

Country Trending Page Link  Cost
(Top 20)
Guaranteed Views
(Top 20)
(Top 10) 
Guaranteed Views
(Top 10)
(Top 5) 
Guaranteed Views
(Top 5)
Canada CA $1800.0 200,000 $2550.0 200,000 $3250.0 300,000
Australia AU $1800.0 200,000 $2550.0 200,000 $3250.0 300,000
New Zealand NZ $1550.0 200,000 $2350.0 200,000 $2950.0 300,000
Sweden SE $1550.0 200,000 $2350.0 200,000 $2950.0 300,000
Finland FI $1550.0 200,000 $2350.0 200,000 $2950.0 300,000
Denmark DK $1550.0 200,000 $2350.0 200,000 $2950.0 300,000
Norway NO $1550.0 200,000 $2350.0 200,000 $2950.0 300,000
France FR $1800.0 200,000 $2550.0 200,000 $3250.0 300,000
Italy IT $1800.0 200,000 $2550.0 200,000 $3250.0 300,000
Germany DE $1800.0 200,000 $2550.0 200,000 $3250.0 300,000
Brazil BR - - $2550.0 200,000 $3250.0 300,000
Spain ES $1800.0 200,000 $2550.0 200,000 $3250.0 300,000
Ireland IE $1550.0 200,000 $2350.0 200,000 $2950.0 300,000
Philippines PH $1550.0 200,000 $2350.0 200,000 $2950.0 300,000
India IN $1350.0 200,000 $2150.0 200,000 $2550.0 300,000
South Africa ZA $1550.0 200,000 $2350.0 200,000 $2950.0 300,000
Poland PL $1550.0 200,000 $2350.0 200,000 $2950.0 300,000
Mexico MX $1550.0 200,000 $2350.0 200,000 $2950.0 300,000

 It is also possible to embark on more than a country per campaign which implies that you can take the country one after another, from Australia, you can move to India and finish with Canada.

We offer an all – inclusive service where we will help you with Spotify plays if it comes to that.

A campaign can goes thus:

Trend in the Top 10 list for two days in Canada (200,000 views guaranteed)

Trend in the Top 10 List for 2 Days in Australia (200,000 views guaranteed)

Trend in the Top 10 list for 2 Days in India (200,000 views guaranteed)

Total Time Trending (Guaranteed) 6 Days

Total cost package $8,400

Your video will get a minimum of 400,000 views guaranteed, 20% of which will be organic views over and above since it would still be trending after we stop work on it.

In addition, all the comments gained by your video are 100% organic

Please note: we don't make any refund if your video don't reach the trending because we use a lot of efforts to try it but we guarantee at least 200K views.

youtube trending see it first

Contact our experts to start your campaign

Take note; this is not the same as when you buy per 1000 views. It will not bring the same result as this campaign. We do not base this campaign on views only.

You cannot afford to miss this as there are more benefits attached as mentioned, the engagement and organic growth can’t be valued. It is priceless.

It is a guarantee that your video will receive the assured number of views per campaign. One unpredictable aspect is a number of organic views your video will receive since we cannot see the future. The factors at play for this are too many to take a gamble on. Factors like the content of your video, your targeted audience, the country, to mention but a few.

Also of importance in the total trending time and timelines outside of what we guaranteed as we cannot predict this too.  However, you will receive 100% of the views you paid for, that is our word. If you get anything over and above what we guarantee, then see it as a bonus.

Also, note that payment is non – negotiable and must be made upfront.