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Buy Youtube Views


If you are going to live stream a video on Youtube you have to buy some live stream views to populate it and eventually some subscribers.

Youtube gives its users the possibility to create and distribute audiovisual content in real time.

Any video creator can transmit his live video trough desktop and cam but to do the same with a mobile phone your channel need at least 1000 subscribers.

Some other requirements are needed before to start the streaming: you have to verify your Youtube account then enable the live streaming on the Creator Studio (for the desktop pc; mobile users have to click on the camera icon).

After that you will install a external coding software and finally you will choose the settings you prefer (title, description, thumbnail etc.)

Last but not least you can monetize your live stream video! There are several ways: Youtube advertising, SuperChat, Channel membership, Youtube Premium, Merchandise.

live stream views

Our Youtube live stream views are fully safe, stable and monetizable (ADS can be enabled).

The live stream viewers we'll send to your video will stay there for hours. It depends on the purchased amount and on the video engagement.

The larger the order, the longer the visitors will be watching the live broadcast.

Our viewers are human and active. They come from social networks like Twitter to your video using desktop pc, so these are desktop views.