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Best Youtube Views

Pre-Première Youtube Views

Pre-Première Youtube Views are a special kind of views suitable only for the Première videos. Anyone can upload a video and turn on the Première option on the backend panel.

It will let you to pospone the publishing of your video and to create a debate with your fans. It is an excellent strategy to attract curiosity.

Pre-Première Youtube Views are also called Pre-Première Waiting Views. If you have a Première video they are a must-have to show and get traffic there.

It works in this way: we send to your pre-video the quantity of visitors you need to wait the launch of your Première video.

You will see their amount on a counter named "waiting" as in the image below.

waiting views youtube

Note that the Waiting visitors we'll send you will turn into viewers if the premiere live will begin during the campaign span.

Our waiting viewers will be delivered ONLY to the Pre-Premiere/Live-Premiere video BUT not to the offline recorded video. YouTube will not accept or calculate the waiting viewers as offline views of the recorded video.