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A New Feature on YouTube: The Video Streaming

Did you know that you can now make money by posting your own videos on YouTube from your mobile? There is a new feature known as YouTube video streaming which allows you to post videos in real time and earn some cash. it sounds good, isn't it?


The Importance of YouTube Likes and Dislikes Bar

There are many options that a company can use to make its online marketing campaign popular. One of the most popular ways of improving the market potential of a campaign is to develop a video based promotional strategy. Many companies use YouTube to market their products.


How to generate buzz with a YouTube contest?

Online marketing campaigns featuring YouTube videos can be an effective tool for promoting the company’s products. YouTube videos can be a cheap and simple alternative to the traditional marketing methods that are generally used. Many businesses have used YouTube videos to get more media exposure.


Learn from Successful YouTube Channels

Many successes in YouTube have been the inspiration for people worldwide. Most of the people on the internet use YouTube either to get information, entertainment, or anything. The site is also useful for those who want to promote business brands, products, or services. According to expert, YouTube now has reached more people than any other media.


Happy 10th Birthday YouTube (and YouTube views buyers!)

Video sharing websites have become increasingly popular. One of the most widely used video sharing websites is YouTube. YouTube has been a pioneer in making video sharing websites accessible to several individuals. YouTube was created in 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim.


How much time is needed to deliver YouTube views?

Here on YouTubeViewsBuy.com we offer different packages. Some packages take time to show effect due to the different mechanism that is used for increasing the YouTube views. YouTube uses a similar criterion to Google’s page rank to increase the ranking of the content. This means that videos that have been viewed more are likely to get a higher page rank on YouTube if searched.


Buying YouTube views can be useful for actors and filmmakers

The rise in internet has helped many aspiring filmmakers and actors in achieving fame and fortune. Since its inception, YouTube has been responsible for making the world aware of many artists that have gone on to become international stars. The platform that YouTube provides its users is easy to use due to the simple format that needs to be followed for posting a video and viewing its analytics.


Measuring the performance of your Youtube video

Many users of video sharing websites struggle to maintain a stable online presence. This is because there are so many videos uploaded on these websites regularly that viewers are unable to watch each one of them. Due to so many viewers, users can be at a disadvantage if they do not have a unique or distinguished element to the video that they can promote.


How to unfreeze the 301+ views count on YouTube

Promotional videos are a great way of promoting your business. You might have prepared a highly interactive video that can surely boost traffic for your website. Therefore you upload that video on YouTube as it is the most watched website around the globe. But what if you are not getting expected view counts on your YouTube video? Why your highly interactive video is unable to generate traffic for your website?